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Barr we are coming after You ...

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The insert video spotlights Attorney General Barr’s comments about investigating previous administrations. Listen to every word of this presser and dissect it carefully. While it is an accepted time-honored tradition not to “go after” predecessors, it is not a written law. Barr himself has weaponized and politicized the DOJ (Department of Justice) beginning with the day of his appointment. So, it’s very rich that he speaks about not investigating administrations— firmly with a keen sense knowing that that his actions will face scrutiny and if we were France, the Guillotine. Which in my opinion would be justifiable against corrupt officials in this or any government.

The FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigations) has a responsibility to investigate wrongdoings of federal officials if discovered or suspected in both political parties.

The Trump Administration is without a doubt the most corrupt in history. The evidence revealed so far of massive conflicts of interests by Trump’s appointees thus far is alarming. It is only the tip of the iceberg. One can easily imagine the depth of what has not been exposed.

While campaigning Trump promised to hire and appoint the “best of the best.” The easily researched history of many of his appointees show multitudes of conflicts of interests, incompetence, and blatant corruption.

Since the moment of being sworn into office Trump has purposely attacked and demoralizing federal law enforcement investigatory agencies> In doing so inciting public mistrust of these institutions. He has nonchalantly terminated various agencies Inspector Generals and staff and brazenly appointed sycophants to replace them.

Nonpartisan watchdog organizations such as CREW have highlighted and warned the American citizens of appointees going afoul of our nation’s laws. This includes but is no limited to officials using tax payer money for personal expenses, conflicts of interest relating to business investments in correlation to agencies aspirants were being appointed to. The list is very long.

If any appointee or family member of the Trump orb is suspected of shady dealings during or after this administration concludes in 2020 (Hopefully) or 2024 they ought to face the maximum penalty of the law. No pardons, clemency should be extended under any circumstances. Thereto, if any Trump appointed judge intervenes, stymies or hinders valid investigations they should b impeached and removed from office immediately. Politicians of any party affiliation advocating forgiveness should be voted out of office.

U.S Representative Eric Swalwell has proposed a Commission be established to investigate this administration after Trump leaves office. We vehemently endorse this proposal. Taking it further we advise that the Ethics In Government Act be revised and strengthen — seat a Special Prosecutor with teeth!

Donald J Trump election has exposed the flaws in our system but also leaves a clear blueprint for the next U.S. Congress to take corrective measures in thoughtful legislation or even to call for a Constitutional Convention to discuss amending the U.S Constitution. If no action is taken the extraordinary lawlessness of the Trump administration will be forever etched into our precedence with legal standings. When a stronger less scrupulous is elected in the future those unchecked liberties could give birth to a powerful tyrant and the demise of our republic.

Therefore, decisive adjudication establishing firm precedence must be the ultimate deterrent. In doing thus erases any ambiguity in our laws for future political aspirants and their appointees. Only lifetime sentences in prison, confiscation of property and/execution for treason ought to be acceptable legal remedies for those duly convicted. After all this is about the preservation of our republic.

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