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"My Generals"

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Trump often refers to the military as "My Generals" which is upsetting to us and should be to very citizen. The United States military , if it belongs to anyone, that ownership is the tax payers of The United States. We've not viewed Donald Trumps tax returns prior to being elected. It's doubtful, not yet proven that Donald Trump has ever paid any taxes therefore...

This is a video for Veterans Against Trump PAC (FEC #C00734483) We're committed to honor, valor, integrity and fraternity. Please donate via ActBlue and help us Get The Vote Out. The of 2020 election is perhaps the most important election in our republic’s 243 years history. Our mission is to support veteran voices and candidates who advocate a united country, civility and decency.

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Our primary mission is two-fold, to include service-connected disabled veteran voices in the public discourse leading into the election of 2020. To support candidates who share our aspiration of uniting the country which we as members of the United States military swore a solemn oath to defend. We neither advocate nor support violence on either side of the political debate.

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